The Dreaded Relapse: Dermatillomania

Dermatillomania use to be my dirty little secret. It is now something that I have overcome and I am working with a bunch of great people at the CBSN to spread awareness and offer support for people dealing with body-focused repetitive behaviors.

For more posts and information on Dermatillomania, check out:

Here is an article that I wrote that provides some tips, advice and remedies for those making it through a relapse and how to stay positive and get back on track!

The Dreaded Relapse: Dermatillomania



Author: pluviophilereader2313

I am a dweeb with a dash of geek who has a BA in English and Awesomeness. I have an obsession with running and cats and I also love to read, write and listen to angry music. I value learning for the sake of learning, proper grammar and the touch and smell of a real book. I love to laugh and make my friends and family laugh, though I can't always say that I'm appropriate but I wouldn't be who I am today without them.

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